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Yong Wen Food (HK) Ltd &&Yong Wen Food (HK) Ltd

Yong Wen Food (HK) Ltd (YWHK) was set up in 2011. It was another milestone achieved by YW GROUP to venture into overseas market. We pride ourselves to be among the first Singaporen owned food distribution company to establish a local distribution in Hong Kong. By setting up our YWHK branch, we hope to bring South East Asia's specialty food products eg Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam closer to the HK's domestic door front as well as be a window to the China market.

Yong Wen Group is headquartered in Singapore with established local distribution offices in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong as well as our overseas distributors spanning across more than 38 countries. Our total 100,000 sq ft warehouse houses more than 3,000 skus, imported from more than 26 countries.

Drawing on our vast procurement experience and resourcefulness in global food sourcing and backed by our extensive distribution network in Asia, we are confident to provide you with the "value for money - total solution package" for your kitchen's culinary needs in order to cater to the ever demanding and discerning diners' palates. Our housebrands:

-saporito : western food ingredient

-yowe : Asian food specialist

-yoKee : Japanese food products

-secret lover : cookies, snacks and confectionaries

-yowell : non-food kitchen related product line
Besides the above, we are also able to supply you a wide range of international brands such as Nestle, Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, Evian, Perrier, San Pellegrino, Mars/Cadbury/Twix/Toblerone/etc branded confectionary and many more.

With a forward and dynamic management team, we are constantly looking for new products and ideas to complement our existing range of products and services. We aim to become your "ONE-STOP" sourcing destination with valued added services at very competitive prices.

Trust us as your partner in supply chain management by providing you a "TOTAL SOLUTION" from the product sources, importation, port/custom clearance, warehousing and delivery up to your doorstep in the most effective and efficient manner.

We invite you to browse through our website for more product information and offers.


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